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Maintenance Programme

Maintenance Programs that meet customer’s unique needs, improve elevator reliability and extend elevator service life.

Trans Elevator's services offers preventive maintenance programs for different variants of elevators. From our basic service type contract (BASIC) to our extended full maintenance (COMPREHENSIVE) contracts, we have maintenance program to suit ann elevating device needs. Trans Elevator’s preventive maintenance programs are carried out by our qualified in-house service team.

Preventive Maintenance & life cycle Planning

Trans Elevators provide preventive maintenance programs designed to extend the total life cycle performance of an elevator.

Regular on-site preventive maintenance has several benefits:
  • It provides a higher level of reliability by addressing issues before they result in shut-downs.
  • It extends the service life of the elevator by replacing or repairing parts before they cause additional wear on other components.
  • It allows for better financial planning by reducing expenses rather than incurring unplanned expenditure.